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Terex Self Erecting Cranes

Reliability, quality and safety are the reasons for the success of Terex “CBR” self-erecting cranes all over the world, and for the widespread favourable answer of the market.


  • The self-erecting range with 8 to 40 tm capacity and jib lengths up to 40 m is the result of a constant technological research.
  • Their cranes are suitable for both road and containerized transport.
  • The erection is quick, carried out with simple and automated systems.
  • First-rate quality components, variable frequency control drive assemblies, full galvanization of the structure makes this range a landmark in the field.
Terex Self Erecting Cranes



Max. Lifting Capacity

Boom Length

Spec Sheet

700t x 2.5m

15.5m - 60.0m

450t x 2.5m

14.8m - 80.0m

300t x 2.5m

14.5m - 80.0m

250t x 2.5m

12.7m - 70.0m

220t x 2.5m

12.8m - 78.0m

40t x 2.5m

10.5m - 35.2m